About Us


ADES Technologies began in 2010, when we made public our very first app. We’ve grown since then thanks to the commitment of our team, the advice of our mentors, and the support of our partners. Located and founded in Monterrey, Mexico, Adestech is a software and hardware company that provides world-class quality products and service by keeping up with the latest technology.


What makes us different? Fair prices, quality work and attention to detail. Each project is a new challenge and we treat it as if it was our own. We make all development in-house. That is our pride and motivation.


We want to create innovative tools that facilitate difficult tasks. We see a world in which our technology becomes an extension of our users and clients in order to improve their life experience.

Our Commitment

Adestech began as the completion of a challenge. And we have turned that same attitude into our work ethic. We deliver on schedule high quality products and service.


We can meet any software or hardware need. Our history is the best proof we could offer. Our dedicated and motivated team transforms problems into opportunities. We offer world-class products and service with honest treatment always.