We install M2M (Machine to Machine) devices so you can monitor and send control commands from anywhere in the world.

Recent project

Being a worldwide success, the development of applications for the personal assistant "gigaaa" was created by ADES Technologies. This project was created with the purpose of always having a personal assistant at hand, whether at work, at home, on vacation and even in places without internet access! That is why the personal assistant "gigaaa" is available in a wide variety of technologies such as: mobile application for Android and iOS, desktop application for Windows, Mac and Linux, responsive web application for all types of browsers, application for Smart TV , application for Smart Watch (smart watch), application for Smart Mirror (smart mirror), application for Smart Speaker (smart speaker), application for cars, among other applications.

Currently, the development of these applications is available worldwide with the majority of its users in Europe. We are working hard on the quality, design and user experience day by day to improve the lifestyle of our users. Finally an assistant who understands you!

development of gigaaa devices

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