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Mom to Mommy is an APP designed in two sections. The first one is dedicated to those future moms who want to know what items they need to have ready before their baby is born, including a list of items that the baby will need, a list of items that the mother will need during pregnancy, and a list of what both (mom and baby) will need during their hospital stay.

These listings were designed to serve as a guide for all those future moms who want to know exactly what items they need to have ready before their baby is born, the estimated cost of them, where they can be found and the amount they will require. In addition, they will have the opportunity to track their baby's growth, week by week.

A second section is targeted to moms and future moms, who want to follow up on the opinions and reviews that other moms give about certain pediatricians they are considering as doctors for their children. This section serves as a connection between mothers, where each of them can share their experience about their pediatricians and give their opinion so that others can see their doctor meets the profile they are looking for their baby.

Industrial Time Study is a stopwatch that works in HUNDREDTHS of second for time studies.

A time study is a direct and continuous observation of a task, using a stopwatch in seconds and tenths of a second, it will help you record the time it took to perform the task or activity.

It is usually used when there are repetitive work cycles of short to long duration, when there is a wide variety of different jobs being performed, or when there are process control elements in a cycle.

These are things it can do:
√ Adjust between 1 and 100 activities
√ Set between 8 and 200 cycles
√ Name activities and list
√ If there is a cycle that you don\'t want to count, you can cross it out
√ Calculate the Performance Rating with the Westinghouse System
√ Calculate Total Tolerance
√ Calculate the Standard Time
√ Save your Time Studies
√ Import your results from Excel
√ Export your results to Excel
√ Save and use your own templates
√ Stop the time even if you do not have all the cycles completed (Emergency Stop)
√ Cycles return or Go ahead (if you had an accident)
√ Select an activity that you want to measure without being in the same order
√ Measure time in seconds

Available in English and Spanish.

Pediatric Pain Evaluator is an application that evaluates physical pain in the head of children by means of a small test that the pediatrician applies. Before taking the exam, children can customize their avatar to look like themselves, or take a picture so the app customizes the avatar. This interaction of the avatar and the child creates a personal identification link, where the avatar shows various types of pain through animations so that the child selects which one he identifies with most.

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Mom To Mommy

Industrial Time Study

Pediatric Pain Evaluator

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